Save money and improve availability with a better Cisco Smart Net plan

We have helped our clients deploy solutions and manage their technology lifecycle for more than 20 years as a Cisco Gold partner.

One of the many services offered by NetXperts is assistance with Cisco Smart Net Total Care. Understanding the available options and service levels that make the most sense can be overwhelming.

NetXperts can work with you to evaluate your current coverage to ensure you don’t have too much or too little coverage for each technology area. Let us help you improve your coverage with a service assessment that can:

  • Save money by “right-sizing” your agreements
  • Offer the most competitive Smart Net Total Care pricing available
  • Improve availability with faster response times for critical infrastructure items
  • Improve peace of mind with expert advice

Cisco Smart Net Total Care provides technical support along with an entitlement to smart capabilities. It helps you solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime. This gives you more time to focus on business innovation while proactively supporting your infrastructure.

Smart Net Total Care Benefits

Smart Net1.jpg

Solve problems faster

Technical support, online resources, and smart capabilities help reduce downtime and promote business continuity.

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Improve Efficiency

Inventory and contract management are automated. Maintaining an up-to-date view of your network takes less effort.

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Stay up and running

Reduce the risk of downtime with expert technical support, flexible hardware coverage, and up-to-date coverage data.

What's Included

TAC Exp.png

Cisco TAC expertise

Get 24-hour access to our Technical Assistance Center to resolve critical issues with covered devices.

HW Rep.png

Hardware replacement

Replace network devices when necessary within a selected delivery time (2-hour, 4-hour, next-business-day).

Dig Support.png

Cisco digital support

Use personalized web and mobile support to see model-specific content, download software, use automated tools, get alerts, join forums, and manage your TAC cases.

SW Updates.png

Software updates

Update and upgrade operating system software for your devices from the Cisco support website.

Smart Cap.png

Smart capabilities

Use one portal to help manage your Cisco inventory, view lifecycle details, check contract status, assess alert information, and run reports.






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Do you worry about losing track of your patients?

The San Francisco Department of Public Health uses our Patient Elopement System to improve safety for patients and healthcare workers.

NetXperts is the leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining Patient Elopement and Staff Safety solutions. We’ve created an advanced system that builds on our Internet of Things (IoT) expertise to offer effective solutions that are affordable and simple to operate. With NetXperts you can:

  • Improve patient safety by lowering elopement rates significantly
  • Keep healthcare staff safe by delivering real-time status and alerts
  • Plan more effectively by using historical data and analytics

NetXperts has worked with hospitals nationwide for over 20 years and we understand the critical role that Patient Security plays in providing the highest quality day-to-day care for your patients.

The NetXperts Engineering team has successfully designed and implemented our Patient Wandering Security Solution at the Zuckerberg SFGH facility, as well as the Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco.

The Patient Elopement Challenge

Roughly 20% of adults in the U.S. experience mental illness each year and about 4% experience a serious mental illness that interferes with life activities.”
— National Alliance on Mental Illness

Caring for behavioral health patients is challenging for nurse leaders and the unauthorized departure of a patient is a growing safety concern.

Patient elopement is a real problem that most hospitals have experienced, but it’s rarely discussed. Preventing elopement is a concern for all patients and particularly those who are at risk of harming themselves & others. Patients can elope in many ways without constant supervision or advanced monitoring systems.

Our Solution

NetXperts works closely with hospital staff to gain an understanding of how elopement occurs. We then work on a solution comprised of technology paired with consistent, proactive processes to prepare the staff to minimize incidents.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health worked with NetXperts to deploy modern patient elopement solution that instantly notifies staff in the event of patient elopement, a wandering patient and/or a missing patient.  This solution has aided and prevented patient elopement while preserving patient safety and dignity.

How Does it Work?

Our tracking and alerting systems offer:

  • Customized maps that illustrate patients in motion and historical trails
  • Single-button search on a PC, handheld device, or smartphone
  • 3D views of entire facilities showing summary of patients and alert information at both building and floor levels

Examples of how the system would be alerted using location tracking if the patient wanders into a restricted zone:

  • Attempts to board an elevator or access a stairwell
  • Attempts to exit a restricted door and/or any predefined boundary

The sensors notify the server, which identifies the patient and triggers the following events:

  • Nurse Station on-screen alerts are sent
  • Designated On-Call staff is automatically paged
  • Speakers automatically play a message reminding the patient to “Stop, Go Back, etc.”

Local security and hospital staff can be notified in several ways including:

  • Software alerts, paging, email, audible alerts, strobe lights
  • Contact local authorities and law enforcement
  • Provide exact location and severity of the incident
  • Integration with video surveillance, access control, and other building systems

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How does your Student Experience compare to Peralta Community Colleges'?

NetXperts partnered with Peralta Community College to modernize its network infrastructure and wireless environment to deliver a better student experience across all campuses.

We should be throwing a party for you! Job well done, IT team. I LOVE the new setup, and use it every day. It helps me be a better instructor.”
— Steven, Laney College Staff

The district realized significant savings by leveraging NetXperts’ CollegeBuys partnership with Cisco. We were also able to begin the project rapidly and avoid delays that are typical with a formal RFP process by leveraging the CollegeBuys contract.

NetXperts is really proud to be a part of improving the student experience and working with an amazing group of students, staff and leadership at Peralta.

The Challenge

When Chancellor Jowel C. Laguerre, Ph.D. joined Peralta Community Colleges, there were significant challenges to improve the district’s operations and technology infrastructure. All campuses were experiencing sporadic problems with the quality and reliability of voice communications and wireless networks. In many cases students were forced to leave campus and go to “coffee shops” to get online. Multiple attempts to isolate the issues were unsuccessful and the related costs left them with a limited budget.

Our Approach

NetXperts worked jointly with both Voice and Information Technology teams to assess the issue, and identified the underlying causes. Although the network infrastructure was well maintained, it was over 12 years old and unable to support service demands need for VoIP communication and high-speed wireless access. It also created ongoing challenges to support critical student and faculty applications.

The Solution

Peralta worked jointly with NetXperts to design an updated network infrastructure, based on the findings from our comprehensive technology assessment.  The new infrastructure included, a new fiber backbone, MDF cores, and IDF closets for all four campuses.  This laid the foundation needed to support the current needs of the colleges and ensure a rock solid environment that can handle future needs.

Solution Highlights

  • High-quality student experience with wireless access anywhere on-campus
  • Network built to support smart classrooms
  • 50k+ feet of new fiber cabling
  • 75 Access switches installed
  • Core switching refresh
  • Technology to support distance learning
  • Technical training for staff
  • 400+ VoIP phone deployment

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