Meet the Executive Team

Founder & CEO

Gary Nordine

Gary Nordine is the CEO and founder of NetXperts, a company that helps find networking solutions for Enterprise businesses. In 1993, Gary went from working cable lines for PG&E by day and started engineering courses by night. By 1996, he had the engineering knowledge to kickstart NetXperts from his home garage. He has driven the vision, culture, and growth of the company for the last 21 years. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a two person shop out of his family garage to a 55 person company out of Walnut Creek, CA. NetXperts currently helps more than 20,000 organizations around the country better connect and protect their network. Originally from Richmond, California, he is a fitness fanatic, a father of three, and a lover of cuban cigars.


Carol Nordine

Carol co-founded NetXperts and has served as our Chief Revenue Officer since 1996. Carol has Cisco sales experience dating back to 1980.


VP OF Enginnering


Jason got his start working in technology 

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VP OF Sales


Dan started working in