school safety

NetXperts is the leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining School student and Staff Safety solutions. NetXperts leverages advanced technology to deliver the following life saving technologies in California and beyond.


Smart Locks are wireless door readers that work in conjunction with hands-free key fobs to unlock and, in some cases, automatically open doors, gates and garages without the hassle of presenting a key or pushing a button. Because the reader unit is wirelessly controlled, if there is some type of terror threat or other emergency on a campus, with a single key stroke, central security can initiate a real-time lockdown, protecting those that are inside. The system administrator can determine the breadth of the lockdown: by room, floor, building, or campus-wide.


Every organization works to reduce the overall impact of an event and keep people safe. But one issue surfaces again and again: how do you get the right information to the right people in
different organizations, when it matters most? From Katrina to the LAX shooting, major incidents have shown that emergencies do not occur in silos – and that real-time interoperable communication is essential for event resolution. Whether it is to communicate with your local community of first responders, or to provide situational awareness to your HQ,
this solution goes beyond a simple blast on social networks that cannot be monitored or controlled.


EWS brings together real-time location awareness with two-way communications, duress functionality, and the option for an LED message screen. Whether indoors or outdoors, EWS helps reduce emergency response times to keep students, teachers, and staff visible with an instant lifeline to help. Knowing the exact location of an individual during an emergency can shorten response times and help prevent more serious injuries. Users may trigger a duress alert via pull-down or button press functionality. You can read more about EWS here.