Today's workforce requires real time access 24/7.


Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, requiring real time access to applications and data wherever they are, whether in the conference room, across town meeting with customers, or on the other side of the world. Employees require safe, secure access to real time collaboration tools such as voice, video, text, email, and instant messaging that is seamless and easy to use. Organizations are also finding additional benefits such as providing secure guest access to customers, vendors, and contractors. Mobility also enables organizations to cut cellular costs by providing Voice over WiFi and increase the efficiency of its workers with the ability to track critical asset locations in real time. All of these benefits enable the organization to be more efficient, cut costs, attract employees, and make them more attractive to do business with, adding up to a real competitive advantage. NetXperts helps its customers to:

  • Determine the optimal location and number of indoor and outdoor wireless access points to support critical applications, voice and location based services (Site Survey).
  • Navigate the challenging world of WLAN security, and provide the most secure wireless network possible given the chosen client devices and applications.
  • Provide safe and secure guest access (both wired and wireless).
  • Provide voice over WiFi and seamless roaming between cellular and WiFi networks.
  • Professional installers assure an aesthetically pleasing install.