early warning system


EWS brings together real-time location awareness with two-way communications, duress functionality, and the option for an LED message screen. Whether indoors or outdoors, EWS helps reduce emergency response times to keep students, teachers, and staff visible with an instant lifeline to help. Knowing the exact location of an individual during an emergency can shorten response times and help prevent more serious injuries. Users may trigger a duress alert via pull-down or button press functionality. EWS can deliver in the following areas for your school:

•    Enhances staff satisfaction and life safety with always on duress technology
•    Reduces emergency response times
•    Accesses real-time staff locations during emergencies using the existing Wi-Fi network
•    Maximizes onsite security with accurate floor plan visualization

EWS is a result of a unique innovative wireless application that provides a whole new level of safety and security. The system utilizes RFID tags, beacons and an expansive Wi-Fi network that is integrated with the school's existing data network.