Why partner with NetXperts for SMARTnet Contract Administration? 

Protect your IT Investment!

Having the right lifecycle strategy for maintenance and asset management can change the value of any IT investment. That’s why NetXperts offers a dedicated SMARTnet specialist to every client to review the process of inventory and maintenance management. We analyze inventory reports, recommend the appropriate service levels based on specific environments, and develop long-term plans to deal with additions, changes and credits. We are also your trusted advisor for multi-year support agreements - often achieving immediate cost savings.

NetXperts’ Asset Management offering provides clients a well-structured process and tools that are part of every maintenance engagement as our added value.

As part of contract initiation, NetXperts will perform the following tasks:

  • Co-termination of expiration/renewal dates
  • Register users (with Cisco Connections Online (CCO) accounts) with access to contracts as appropriate
  • Consolidate contracts where possible (common SLAs)
  • Corrections to site IDs assigned to contracts as well as site ID addresses
  • Corrections to Cisco contract data (e.g., incorrect serial numbers, missing items, etc.)
  • Notification of end of support life and end of sale status
  • Advice/consultation regarding service options
  • Review of reports to assure appropriate SLA and coverage of items
  • Reports and itemized pricing provided in Excel format
  • Provide Welcome kit with Technical Assistance Center (TAC)/SMARTnet guide
  • Develop a mutually agreeable process and schedule for true-ups, customizable to meet your business needs.

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