Is physical security awareness a priority for you?

NetXperts has shifted its focus the past few years dedicated to helping enhance technology in education by providing safer solutions for the ideal learning environment. Our goal is to continue to improve the experience safety and learning experience for staff and students across the country. NetXperts is pleased to share our partnership with Verkada and its next generation of video surveillance to ensure safety becomes a priority.

Verkada is leading the market in supporting the ability to implement the latest technologies with considerations for existing infrastructure, fiscal responsibilities of schools and districts, and providing easy to use, yet secure access.

Verkada is modernizing the world of enterprise physical security by building video surveillance systems that are simple to deploy, maintain and scale across multiple sites. Verkada's hybrid-cloud system features intelligent cameras with built-in solid state storage that send end-to-end encrypted footage to a centralized command platform for easy remote-access use on any device, without the need to open ports. The plug-and-play solution makes installation as effortless as plugging the camera into a PoE switch and requires no NVR or other on-premises devices. Layering on industry-shifting technology such as live link sharing, heat zone mapping, and people analytics make this low bandwidth consuming system the obvious choice in enterprise video surveillance.

A positive learning experience for every student must begin with a safe and secure learning environment, and Verkada is the first step. If you are interested in learning more or would like to trial a camera to test let us know here.